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  • Syed Saad Andaleeb

    Vice Chancellor of BRAC University and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University.

  • Innovate to save lives

    I recently went to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a city hospital. One of my students at BRACUniversity suffered a serious brain injury
  • May I have the left lane … please?

    Much has been written about the monumental traffic jams that literally inflict physical, psychological, economic and emotional trauma
  • Reimagining academia for students of the future

    Recently I heard a rather bewildering story on teaching in higher education. Taught to depict a triangle as ABC, a student wrote PQR
  • Street abuse: Drawing the line

    The abuse of our streets seems to have reached monstrous proportions. At the root of it all is a phenomenally growing aura of indiscipline that borders on the unbearable and challenges one's physical, emotional, and even financial endurance.
  • reasearch and higher education

    Research: Academia's Achilles Heel

    The role of research is indispensable for the advancement of any society, especially because things around us are constantly changing.