Syed Mansur Hashim | The Daily Star
  • Syed Mansur Hashim

    Assistant Editor, The Daily Star

  • A disaster in the making

    The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) stated at the end of July that an international tender will soon be floated for privatising port operations. This is a move in the right direction.
  • Troubled times for the leather industry

    One doesn't know what will become of the estimated four million raw hides and skins that will require to be preserved. The Ministry of Commerce has apparently paved the way for 0.5 million metric tonnes of salt to be imported but there is concern that it may not arrive in time.
  • The curse of yaba persists

    Methamphetamine, commonly known as “yaba,” has over the last decade taken a hold on our society as it went from a trendy, synthetic drug for the elite to mass consumption.
  • Worried about the future

    Arecent survey carried out by Prothom Alo on the youth's perception about the country and their future brought out some interesting facts about job prospects in Bangladesh. Although 74 percent of the respondents expressed overall satisfaction with the economic situation, 82 percent are unsure about securing a job in today's economy.
  • Boiler blast kills again!

    Will we ever see criminal proceedings against those who bear responsibility for not replacing faulty equipment or not hiring professionals to run critical machinery like boilers?