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  • Syed Mansur Hashim

    Assistant Editor, The Daily Star

  • Lagging behind in a tech-driven world

    What we must remember is that the path to transforming the production workplace will differ from nation to nation.
  • American U-turn in Afghanistan?

    President Trump is re-engaging in Afghanistan in a manner that basically reverses former President Obama's policies.
  • No good news in the Middle East

    The Islamic State (IS) and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (an al-Qaeda affiliate, known earlier as the Nusra Front) have effectively been ejected from Lebanese territory by the army there. The latest twist in Middle East politics is the recent Lebanese experience.
  • No need for water bodies!

    That was basically the message realtors had given Rajuk in early November in a views-sharing meeting. Realtors believe it is ludicrous for Rajuk to try and reclaim what has already been grabbed.
  • Good, if we get rid of our hiccups

    The United Nations unveiled its World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 report on December 14.