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  • Syed Mansur Hashim

    Assistant Editor, The Daily Star

  • Proofing infrastructure against climate change

    We need multi-stakeholder involvement that includes the government, the business community, and bi-lateral and multi-lateral development agencies to undertake modelling studies on probable impact of climate-induced changes. It is not just about making commitments in the budget for maintenance work.
  • The reality after seven years

    We are in love with numbers. The government loves to show off the billions of dollars it has received in investment commitment from India and China.
  • Welcome back load shedding!

    As the mercury itches upwards in the closing week of May and metrological bulletin informs us gleefully that the temperature will be
  • 21st-century version of Silk Road

    OBOR promises to plug some of the gaps in infrastructure financing that developing countries need in Asia. For Bangladesh, the appeal is obvious.
  • End of 'strategic patience'?

    President Trump's policy towards North Korea is a major departure from his predecessor who preferred direct talks with Pyongyang when the country was undergoing rocket, missile and nuclear tests.