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  • Shoaib Ahmed Sayam

    Shoaib Ahmed Sayam doesn't need coffee because he stays up all night anyway, doing the things he should be doing during the day. Send him John Cena memes at:

  • Opposite day in Dhaka city life

    Opposite day in Dhaka

    As soon as I went out, a bevy of rickshaws surrounded me. My eyes widened involuntarily, and my mouth moved in silence – forming words of bewilderment. “Mama koi jaiben?” one of them inquired.
  • Unlock your full potential with Rooh Afza

    Rooh Afza is like nectar for the soul. The term “Rooh” translates to the soul or spirit in Arabic, and “Afza” must mean something just as important.
  • The love of my life

    I've never expected to come across an embodiment of beauty such as yourself. The way you skip around the house so gracefully and nonchalantly like you don't have to worry about all the unfairness of the world.
  • My obsession with Castlevania

    Circle of the Moon was my first introduction to Castlevania. The Gameboy was the rage back then and I was in on it too. All the games I played during that time were cutesy and kid-friendly, stuff like Pokémon and Bomberman.
  • How I pretended to like sports to fit in

    Okay, this was like seven years ago, you can't judge me now; you know my name not my story. Everyone did questionable things due to peer pressure in our teen years.