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  • TATP: explosive of choice for 'Neo JMB'

    The deadly explosive triacetone triperoxide or TATP, used by terrorists in Paris, Brussels and London attacks, has of late become “Neo JMB” militants' explosive of choice in Bangladesh, say bomb experts.
  • Successful crackdowns, incomplete probes

    Though law enforcers could eliminate a number of militants through counterterrorism operations over the last one year, they are yet to complete probe into any of the incidents. A massive crackdown on militant networks was launched following the deadly terror attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in the capital's Gulshan on July 1 last year.
  • Allocation for law enforcers to go up

    In the wake of growing militant activities in the country, the government has significantly increased allocation in the proposed budget
  • Convictions are hard to come by

    Cases relating to women and children repression hardly see any convictions because many complainants bring false charges of dowry-related torture and killing just to get the cases tried in fast-track tribunals.
  • Hard to get justice

    Less than 2 percent of all rape cases filed in the last five years ended in conviction. This is mainly because many perpetrators force the victims to settle the matter outside courts and the legal process is so humiliating that the victims back out. Data for Dhaka metropolitan areas paint an even grimmer picture. Just 1.06 percent cases saw convictions in the last 15 years, according court and prosecution sources.