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  • Enforced Disappearances: Beyond any 'probe'

    Young homeopath Moklesur Rahaman Johnny went out of his chamber to buy medicine for his father on August 4 night last year, but he never returned. He did not just disappear, according to his wife Jesmin Nahar as she had seen him in the lockup of the Satkhira Sadar Police Station the next morning when she had gone there to ask police to find her husband.
  • Not serious but threat is there

    Militant group “Neo JMB” is still posing a security threat as its members are making efforts to carry out suicide attacks individually, said counterterrorism officials.
  • August 17 Serial Blasts 2005: Out of jail, into terrorism again

    Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh militant Tariqul Islam Tareq was arrested in Chittagong in connection with a 2005 countrywide series bomb blast case.
  • Yaba Trade in Dhaka: Devils within

    The trade of illegal drug Yaba is booming in the capital under political patronisation. A section of policemen, who are supposed to clamp down on Yaba traders, are also working as the patrons, according to police findings.
  • TATP: explosive of choice for 'Neo JMB'

    The deadly explosive triacetone triperoxide or TATP, used by terrorists in Paris, Brussels and London attacks, has of late become “Neo JMB” militants' explosive of choice in Bangladesh, say bomb experts.