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  • Winter work wear

    Silken Dreams

    A gentle flurry of fabric, a graceful sway of soft material in bright jewel toned luxury– ah, for all that is silk!
  • Weddings in their many flavours

    A typical wedding in Bangladesh is a melting pot of all things Bengali, and often blur the arbitrarily drawn lines of caste and class, only
  • Banglar Bhoot: Creatures of the beyond

    Some of us are strong believers of other realms, while others strictly believe we mortals are the only ones treading the earth. No matter which side you belong to, taking a stroll down a dark lane has probably made you wonder about the creaks that seem to follow.
  • Are we going the right way?

    In a country of 16 crore people, the central offices of all government bodies and institutions are in Dhaka. The most job opportunities, the best schools, colleges, universities, healthcare options and even the services required by business operators are far more readily available here than any other place in the whole country.
  • The Bridesmaids

    At most weddings, friends and sisters/brothers of the bride and groom are among those people who get to have the most fun, as well as bring all the events together with engaging with the guests. One major aspect of having fun at such events, particularly for many girls,