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  • News Analysis: Unexpected death, unruly protest

    The premature death of a Dhaka University student at a private hospital, the subsequent vandalism there and Bangladesh Medical Association's decision to abstain from work for a day have left the nation shocked.
  • Fever all around

    In a gap of three months, the capital is witnessing a second outbreak of mosquito-borne chikungunya virus, raising a new public
  • Halt the extra salt

    The food -- however nutritious or favourite -- can turn bland without salt, at least in this part of the world where taste matters more than anything else when it comes to dining.
  • Double trouble for parents

    Namira's parents couldn't be happier when she started to go to bed early. It used to be difficult to put the 13-year-old to bed as she would spend hours on the internet and play video games. But the parents' relief was replaced with worries in less than a week. The eighth grader, pretending to be asleep under her blanket, was found playing on a tablet.
  • Informal Sector: Workers lack legal, social protection

    Thirty-year-old Belal Uddin was clueless about the lurking danger. With an iron rod, he was removing bricks at a construction site in Munshiganj's Gazaria area on January 13.