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  • Porimol Palma

  • Repatriation must be UN-brokered

    The efforts for Rohingya repatriation and creating secure conditions in Rakhine without engaging the United Nations would prove
  • Stronger global solidarity needed

    The international communality's solidarity must match Bangladesh's efforts in dealing with the Rohingya refugee crisis, says the chief of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
  • Hunger, diseases plague infants

    On Friday noon, Asia Begum stood under the scorching sun, waiting by the roadside at Kutupalong for relief. She looked pale and tired. Her seven month old son, Yasin, tightly clung on to her arm.
  • Diseases stalk new camps

    Tasmin has lost everything, literally, when the Myanmar army burned down her house in Andaung village in Maundaw. But that is past and she has no time for that now. Her current concern is her eight-month-old son, Firozmin, who has been suffering from dysentery, fever and cough.
  • Rohingya crisis

    Struggling to cope with the surge

    Amid a shortage of resources, the authorities are struggling to provide water, food, medicine, shelter and other basic needs to the huge number of Rohingyas streaming into Bangladesh from Myanmar every day.