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    Nilima Jahan

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  • One less park for Old Dhaka

    Did you know that less than 0.30 percent of land in all of Dhaka city is used for recreational purposes?
  • Coping with injustice

    It is five in the afternoon, on an ordinary weekday.
  • Into the fountain of enlightenment

    Do you love reading? If yes, then this article is especially for you. What if there was a space in busy Dhaka where you could spend hour after hour browsing shelves and finding one gem after another?
  • Behind the scenes of NCTB's blunders

    For a few years now, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB), the largest state-owned publishing house in the world, has been immensely criticised by civil society for their misprints, factual errors and ideologically inappropriate content.
  • Dog

    The inhumane human act of animal abuse

    On November 3, a video of a stray dog getting beaten in a bathroom of a residence in Kazipara in Mirpur went viral on Facebook. The dog had supposedly bitten a 12-year-old in the region and as a result, the child's uncle, the watchman of the residence, and an accomplice were punishing it.