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    Nilima Jahan

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  • What happens to our e-waste?

    What do you do with the damaged battery or chargers of your cell phone? Where do you keep your fused bulbs and abandoned switches? What about obsolete computer accessories?
  • No longer a burden

    In countries like Bangladesh, where people with disabilities often face societal barriers, negative perception and discrimination, 28-year-old Humayun Kabir, who was born with physical malformation in his lower limb, believes quite the opposite.
  • Is the polythene ban an eye-wash?

    Fifteen years after the polythene bag ban, poly bags are still ruling our markets. But who are producing and distributing these non-biodegradable bags?

    When the 23-year-old constable Halima Begum was posted to her new workplace at Gouripur Thana, Mymensingh, her father, Helal Uddin Akand, was ecstatic.
  • Can commuter trains be a viable alternative to Road transport?

    When the whole city is caught up in the debate of whether local or sitting service is more conducive to commuters...