Naziba Basher
  • Naziba Basher

    Naziba Basher

    Feature writer/reporter at Star Weekend, freelance actor, dancer and emcee, Animal Rights activist, and cricket enthusiast.

  • The person I am today is because of my mother - Suborna Mustafa

    Suborna Mustafa's legacy as an actor – from her early days of “Ghuddi” to recent works like “Gohiney” and “Pinjor”, is often connected to her father, the iconic Golam Mustafa. But few know that it was her mother, Husne Ara Mustafa, who introduced her to the art of acting and performing.
  • Are we viewers or consumers?

    It's a truth universally, and perhaps, grudgingly acknowledged, that a production does not work without its corporate sponsors; and that is precisely where the corporations play their big hands. Beginning from picking the director, producer and actors, they also influence how their products are integrated into the story.
  • For the women, by the women

    The discourse on women's issues, as advocated by women's rights organisations around the world, often ends up portraying women as victims of their circumstances.
  • Because Society *cough*Cares*cough*

    Our society is one that really cares about its people. Through a series of questions that may at first seem a little daunting, society chooses to show its undying affection for all its members.

    There was a time when animal rights activists like Rubaiya Ahmad, Founder, Obhoyaronno Animal Welfare Foundation, would go to file cases or fight against animal abusers, but in vain.