Naziba Basher
  • Naziba Basher

    Naziba Basher

    Feature writer/reporter at Star Weekend, freelance actor, dancer and emcee, Animal Rights activist, and cricket enthusiast.

  • “I have performed on every big stage in the city…”

    Imon Ahmed, if briefly explained, moves like a storm. The very first time I saw him unleash this storm was when I knew that this boy had a story to tell.
  • Baul Shafi Mondol

    Nature shines through folk music

    Seasoned Lalon singer Baul Shafi Mondol is one who needs no introduction. Carrying Lalon's message of peace across the country, Baul Shafi Mondol has been successfully spreading the love for folk and Lalon music since his journey as a Lalon singer began.

    TASHER DESH A vivid retelling of a Tagore classic

    Srishti-Meena Bazar Dance Drama festival opened at the National Theatre Hall of BSA on November 1. The dance drama festival is
  • Shimul Yousuf returns to stage

    Noted thespian Shimul Yousuf is set to return to the stage today after a year-long hiatus, through a staging of Dhaka Theatre's popular
  • Akhi

    ANKHI O TAR BONDHURA launches promo campaign

    Morshedul Islam's “Ankhi o Tar Bondhura” revealed its poster and music at an event held on October 28 at in the Channel i premises, kicking off the promotional campaign of the children's film.