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  • Mirza Shakil

  • The hungry tide

    The receding water of the Jamuna is devouring fresh areas in a village near the eastern side of the Bangabandhu Multipurpose Bridge in Tangail.
  • Nine old risky bridges in Bhuapur

    Nine bridges on the Elenga-Bhuapur road in the district are in dilapidated state due to lack of renovation for long.
  • Impact of Tangail flood

    Different crops worth around Tk 213 crore were damaged on 19,756 hectares of land due to the recent flood in the district.
  • Free food for the poor

    What to have for dinner? It's a question that for many is a matter of basic choice. But for those of us not blessed with a reliable income, finding a meal can be more challenging. Every day some people won't manage; some will go hungry. It is an enduring, sad reality that is
  • Jamuna devours embankment

    With water receding in the Jamuna, fresh erosion has damaged a large portion of the bank protection embankment on the eastern side