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  • Maliha Khan

    The writer is a graduate of the Asian University for Women with a major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

  • Travel, in an era gone by

    "From Heaven Lake: Travels through Sinkiang and Tibet" by Vikram Seth is a 1983 travelogue about the author hitch-hiking through China in his student days.
  • Stalking victims being failed

    In July 2017 alone, 22 females were stalked, one of whom committed suicide due to stalker harassment. A further 14 people were collateral damage for protesting stalking of the victims, of whom two men were killed and 11 people injured. Though females overwhelmingly constitute targets of stalking and sexual harassment, male family members and relatives protesting often too suffer violence at the hands of stalkers.
  • Ethically representing narratives of birangonas

    An estimated 200,000-400,000 women and girls were raped by the Pakistani army and their local Bengali collaborators during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. Six days after the war ended on December 16, 1971, women raped during the war were designated birangonas, war heroines, in an effort by the fledgling Bangladeshi government to recognise and honour them.
  • Traffic alert fails

    Why apps are unable to map Dhaka's traffic
  • No country for indigenous women

    Indigenous women suffer discrimination on multiple fronts—as women and as minorities