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Apology softens hearts

Apology softens hearts

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Shakib Al Hasan's decision to appeal to the Bangladesh Cricket Board to reconsider his suspension has now put the ball in the BCB's court. While it is still not clear as to whether the board will bring about any modifications to the suspension at all, a large section of Bangladesh's cricketing community feels that Shakib, who publicly apologised for his behavioural misconduct yesterday, now deserves a shorter sentence.
"He has apologised to the nation, which I think is a respectful thing to do from the world's number one all-rounder. Hopefully what he has said will put the BCB in a different perspective. On behalf of Shakib's fans and Shakib himself, I would request the BCB for a shorter punishment," said former cricketer Athar Ali Khan.
"Shakib's decision to apologise is a good step. I just hope this proves to be a fresh air for both Shakib and the team," he added.
Former national captain Khaled Mashud shared a similar opinion. "I am not for cancelling Shakib's punishment altogether, but I think the six-month suspension was a bit too harsh. Had the BCB taken the right steps at the right time then such a day would not have come at all.
"In my opinion, the BCB should show respect [to this appeal], sit together and solve this issue like one is done in a family. The decision should be reconsidered," said Mashud.
Bangladesh's first-ever ODI captain Gazi Ashraf Hossain felt that there were many possible 'avenues' that the board can take in this regard.
"There is a plenty of room for change. Shakib won't be able to play the IPL or CPL next year as he will be busy with international commitment, so I think he should get a waiver from his suspension to play foreign leagues as well," said Gazi Ashraf.
On the social media twitter and facebook, news feeds got busy soon after Shakib publicly apologised for his wrongdoings yesterday afternoon. There were several opinions, but a majority of them were in favour of the all-rounder.
Shakib, who tweeted yesterday and stated his desire to get back to the playing field as soon as possible, received a large number of replies.
Tweets such as "We need you back on the field", "Hope the BCB reconsiders your plea and provides you an Eid gift" and " I think Shakib deserves to play the Zimbabwe series if not the West Indies," flooded the timeline.


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