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A serious lapse

A serious lapse

But closing down the Inqilab is not the answer

IT was an errant act on the part of the daily to publish Facebook materials as news without having done a detailed examination of facts. A faxed copy of the same letter was sent to other newspapers, including ours. It was poor editorial judgment on the part of Inqilab to have used it, to say the least.
Mischievous nature of the news must also be kept in mind. It may well have been intended to trigger a reaction within the army. Maligning relations with India was also a purpose. So the lapse of Inqilab is enormous and very serious.
It is a fundamental principle of journalism, and the very ethics that predicates the job of a journalist, to ascertain the veracity of information including the background check of the sources.
Whilst recognising the seriousness of the mistake, we can in no way, accept its closure. Government had a whole range of legal options in hand but went for closure, without giving it any chance to correct itself. A case was filed by police in the evening (at 6 p.m.?) and the raid occurred at 8 p.m.
Newspapers all over the world make errors – some grievous; some even deliberately publish motivated news. But for all these there are legal remedies, some very severe ones.    
Regrettably, closing down the press has become an expedient for the government, which is detrimental to the idea of a free press.
We urge the government to immediately restore publication of Inqilab.


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