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3 JU students expelled for 'ragging'

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Sheikh Hasina Hall at Jahangirnagar University. The photo is taken from Jahangirnagar University News Facebook page
Sheikh Hasina Hall at Jahangirnagar University. The photo is taken from Jahangirnagar University News Facebook page

The three female students had been abusing the junior students for quite some time and nothing happened. This time, they hurled "too much" insult both physically and mentally on a fresher and failed to get away, ultimately losing their studentship.
Disturbed too much by the nature and intensity of the act, the Jahangirnagar University (JU) authorities last night expelled the three for lifetime.
The expelled students are -- Sami Rezwana, Rafiya and Sabrina Akhtar Nitu – of Marketing department, 42nd batch (currently second year) and residents of newly inaugurated Sheikh Hasina Hall.
The cancellation and expel order came after JU syndicate, with Vice-Chancellor Prof Farzana Islam in chair, took the decision as the disciplinary committee recommended after receiving a complaint letter from the victim, a first-year Marketing student, confirmed JU Registrar Abu Bakr Siddique.
The accused second-year students called the victim, a student of 43rd batch and a resident of Jahanara Imam Hall, and forcefully made her to hold her ears and climb the staircases in the name of “ragging”, reports our JU correspondent quoting witnesses.
The victim also was slapped by at least 10 other first-year students who were compelled to do so according to the trio’s instruction, the witnesses added.
Several senior students told The Daily Star that majorities of the seats of the newly made hall were allotted to the second-year students which made them feel “superior” and to wield over others.

The trio has previous history of verbally abusing junior students, who joined the universities only months ago, said a third-year student seeking anonymity.
Prof Farid Ahmed, hall provost and the president of JU Teachers’ Association, said that after getting the official notice, actions will be taken to the accused students of the dormitory.
“They will have the opportunity to appeal with respective authorities against the delivered punishment,” he added.

Published: 12:23 pm Thursday, July 24, 2014

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